About the history of the private brewery Zwettl

It was founded in 1708 as the so-called „Stiegenbrauerei“ by the Schickenhof, a Meierhof of the Monastery Zwettl.

In 1890 Georg Schwarz, the great-grandfather of today's owner, emigrated from Bavaria and acquired the brewery, which in these days had an output of less than 1,000 hectolitre.

He extended the brewery ten years later and after the electrification of the company the output already amounted to 4,692 hectolitre.

Some years later the brewery had big financial problems: On the one hand because of the economic crisis of the thirties and on the other hand because of the Second World War and the following occupation by the Russians. All these events stagnated the development of the company.

The company only started to boom in the sixties and seventies with an extension of the brewery. With the fall of the beer cartel in 1979 the brewery in Zwettl finally reached a breakthrough as a solid middle class brewery with an output of about 200,000 hectolitre per year.

You can of course enjoy the Zwettler beer with us at the Schwarz Alm Zwettl!

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